The MakeNewMedia Communications GmbH is your partner in all aspects of consulting and implementation in the field of telecommunications and IT. 

With our global network, we are working for you to find the best and most innovative solutions faster and more efficiently. 

Our consultants have years of experience and are happy to help. 

With our network of consultants and partners we can cover near every place in the world, even places u never mentioned before.

Why u wait longer? Get in contact and start together to success!


Hot places we cover with our consultants within hours: Europe, Middle East, Afrika, Asia (for more details contact our sales support)



VOICE Network:

We can connect via E1, SS7, BRI, IAX2, SIP, H323, 

over 10000 simultan calls capacity

IP Backbone:


Network connected @ Vienna Internet Exchange VIX2

for peering request please contact our NOC Team