Thanks to MakeNewMedia extensive partnerships with major global operators, we are able to offer voice services that can reach to every corner of the world. Our company MakeNewMedia Communications has established cooperative relationship with over 120 operators globally and direct partnerships with almost 100 operators in over 60 countries and regions. These partnerships enable MakeNewMedia Communications to provide high-quality international voice services. Furthermore, MakeNewMedia Communications has developed cooperation with dozens of major international telecom operators in to provide high-quality service to multinational clients in major countries and regions.

MakeNewMedia Communications international termination services to Austria, central europe and the rest of world through MakeNewMedia Communications’s network for international carriers. We have two main business models: SWAP and Hubbing.

Features & Benefits

·         Extensive interconnection coverage
MNM not only has stable and reliable direct routes to Europe, Middle East and Africa, but good relationship with international carriers also help us to build up premium routes to all international areas.

·         Stable and quality routes
MNM can provide A to Z international voice termination services, bringing high quality domestic and international voice services.

·         Various interconnection methods
MNM provides the traditional high quality PSTN and the flexible and economical VoIP connections.

·         Comprehensive and excellent services
7×24 network monitoring and technical support services our customers to enjoy smooth and high quality long distance calls services.


Interconnecting Methods

·         MNM has flexible interconnecting methods to match different needs of international carriers.

·         PSTN interconnection: PSTN connection is available for us to connect with International carriers. The circuits will be accessed to our PSTN switch in Zürich and Vienna.

·         VoIP interconnection: International carriers can connect with our IP gateways and routers through international private leased circuits or internet.


·         Access point: MNM has POP at InterXion building in Vienna Louis-Haefliger-Gasse 10, 1210 Wien, Austria . It is very convenience to do connection with international carriers.