This short tutorial shows u how to setup a new client/reseller account.

  1. creating a reseller
  2. setting up ip routing 
  3. creating rates
  4. assign numbers


  1. How to create a Reseller:

After u logged into your account u need to click on Reseller on the top navigation bar.

Now u need to click on your reseller name in the left hand tree to make the +Add Button active. U always need to click on the reseller u want to add a reseller below it.

Now your main reseller "demo" got marked active. U can now click to the +Add Button. 



Here u need to fill a name for the reseller u want to create. The password will be generated automatic by the system.



Now u got a reseller login created with the passoword from the box. U can copy the login inside the box with copy and paste.


U can see the reseller demo001 below the demo user. Now we go to the next Step.


2)How to fill in billing rates:


Select your reseller by clicking on his name inside the reseller tree.


Now u click on Billing Rates.



Click to +Add rate 


U need to fill all yellow fields:

Prefix: 431338 Number Prefix please fill the exact code 
Destination: Austria-Landline Here u fill in a name to identify
Rate: 0.00001 rate per minute, please use . as a comma
Currency: EUR currency everything is posible eaven apples or gold


After this step u see your rate successful inserted to the resellers Billing Rates table. All Numbers matches this rule get handled automatic with this rate inside the accountings.


3) Setup Resellers IP Address

To setup a IP u need to click on  Details




To make u easy live please fill in the resellers E-Mail Adress. This adress will be used by system alerts and notifications.



To setup a routing to clients ip u need to click on +Add Route. Lets say the clients IP is: (wich is google dns)





The field Prefix leave emty. If its emty it makes a default (catch all calls) rule. If u more a pro u can specifie number prefixes.

Weight leve as it is.

Then Click on Create new destination


In Destination IP: u fill in (please use the REAL client ip from his IC form)

After u pres save:

Now u see the IP Routing under Details.

4) How To Assign Numbers to your Reseller?



Select your own reseller account inside the reseller tree.



U see your Numbers assigned to your main reseller account.



Select 3 Numbers with your mouse using Drag and Drop.


Swipe the numbers to your subreseller and relase your left mouse button.

System Alert Box informs u that your order went correct.



Our system also sends u and the Reseller a E-mail Alert to inform your reseller that he got assigned new numbers to his account.


Heureka! Now u see that u made the job right! Well done :-)