Sometimes if things get bigger u need more reliable services. There are some models how to setup a safe and reliable trunk.

Backup Server Basic  If the main server fails calls get routed to the backup server IP
Load Share Better U have 1+n server ips configured. Calls get loadbalanced between the ips. If a call fails it will be send to the other ip.


Setup a Backup Server IP Routing

Case: Your customer provide u a main IP and a backup ip.

Main IP: 123.324.23.5

Backup IP:

We want that all traffic goes first to the main IP. If something fails on the main ip we want to send the call to the backup IP.


Click on the Reseller account u need to configure routing. Under details u click to +Add Route.



Box opens. Weight we keep 10 for the Main IP. 

INFO: Weight - Think on a weight in a grocery store. As higher the number it has more weight. So if u need to overule a rule u just need to adopt the weight number.

To fill in the Main IP click on Create new destination.

Fill in the main ip.

Now routing to client main IP is configured.

We say +add Route and need to take care on the weight for the backup server.

So u need to set at minimum a lower weight than the main ip. We give the lowerst possible wich is 0 ZERO.

Create New destination. 

Fill in the backup ip address.

U done- Backup routing is configured.

U can see here how a number gets routed. First target is the main ip. If its not possible it routes to the backup ip.