With the basic Reseller billing Module u can easy generate reports on time peroide or monthly statements.

This function generats a report on all your next tear resellers including their reseller childs.

Here u can see how to select periode billing reports.


After you have generate a Report u can see it on the report overview:

4) the hand can regenerate the report if u have changed a rate or forgot a destination to add on your ratecard.


5) trash - click and the report gets deleted.

1) If u click on the eye u can see the generated report on the website:


2) gives u a full CDR file (csv) to download all calls.


3) Book gives u a excel file seperated by total destination, Reseller turnover and detailed day by day accounting.

1) Destination Summary - all your traded destinations in total 

2) Destination Reseller Summary - Destination per Reseller - perfect to calculate payouts 

3) By Date - Destination - Reseller per Day - If u need to look in details.



Automatic formular - work in real excel files - no big hassle to make faults on rates.